My Quilting Experience

When I was in the 2nd grade I quilted fabric scraps into a vest from the scrap box with tape and paste (that I proudly wore of course) and later.. MUCH later! I quilted doll quilts and stitched clothing for plastic dolls while working at Bankers Trust that went to children in homeless shelters- designers from Perry Ellis were in the judging and I won "Best In Show" for the whole contest :) I love quilts and the feeling they convey- a simpler kinder world where someone cares enough to make a textile work of art that is meant to warm and comfort you.

Even when I had no textiles I created a "quilt" from paper and laminate. I love the form of expression and it's wonderful to merge my photos with this- maybe the illustrated quilt here called "Angelic Girls" of my pen and ink drawings (meaning ALL kinds of girls young old all races- are Angels to the world) will be my next quilt work (?) :)

I also hand stitched these wonderful creations for Malan Breton at my first NY Fashion Week, the feathered dress in the photo on the left and the beaded dress to the right.
Amanda Fields in the feathered dress I made for Malan Breton
IpsMG_0070The beaded dress I made for Malan Breton, my first Fashion Week
One day I'll learn to use my sewing machine but I and the needle and thread are doing fine :)