It all started with this...

From One Day On Earth by C Merry
From One Day On Earth, a photo by C Merry on Flickr.

On October 10, 2010, also known as One Day on Earth 10/10/10, I decided to take a photograph not just snap pix. It seemed that once I really decided to be dedicated to photography as art things changed. I get such happiness from photographing the cityscapes around me. So since that date I have built up a portfolio of photos that have been posted many places like Curbed NY, The NY Times East Village Local, Yahoo US and many other places.

As that grew I also had an idea to combine them into my love of textile art. Imagine wrapping the city around you and you get the idea. Comfort in the landscapes of brick, glass and stone.

My photography portfolio on Flickr
My quilts are a combination of published photos and ones I chose because I liked them or they meant something to me personally. Click the Flickr badges on the right hand side to go to the quilt sets.

A Day in My life- a small video I did for the UN Event "One Day On Earth" which was the day I really became a photographer.